Political Translation and Interpreting

According to the UNESCO Conference in Nairobi, Kenya (1976), translation fosters comprension among peoples, and helps achieve cooperation among nations. Yet, a major challenge in translating political discourse is reaching the target audience in a culturally relevant way.

Think about it… All the time and effort that a campaign invested in crafting and sharpening its message can be undone in record time: Free translation software or an untrained, bilingual member of the campaign may not necessarily convey the right idea, using an adequate register or the right language, and is no substitute for professional translators (or interpreters, whenever appropriate). As a result, the target audience is unable to grasp the full impact of the message.

Transmith T&I works alongside campaigns to develop a consistent, coherent and culturally relevant outreach efforts to Latino voters… even in last-minute, emergency situations that call for a rush translation.

Translation of:

  • Position papers
  • Campaign websites
  • Direct mail
  • TV Scripts
  • Focus group moderator’s guides
  • Get Out The Vote phone scripts
  • Polling questionnaires

Interpretation of:

  • Convention broadcasts
  • Debates
  • Public appearances