Military and Defense-related Translations and Interpreting

The industry of military and defense-related translations is unique: highly confidential top security dealings, handling vital anti-terrorism, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance cases isn’t a field many translators can handle with confidence.

Based on my years in Active Duty service in the United States Marine Corps, and my Department of Defense-sponsored multilingual proficiency examinations to corroborate my linguist background, the translation and interpretation services I provide to this sector are second to none

Translation of:

  • Confidential documents (under Counterintelligence staff supervision)
  • Audio translation and transcription
  • Specialized bilingual terminology


  • Face-to-face interviews with civilian personnel
  • Conference and legal proceeding interpreting
  • Under supervision of counterintelligence specialist, may assist in interrogation

*When submitting a quote, please confirm whether or not your request will require a specific Security Clearance.”