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Medical Translations

While medical and healthcare-related translations are often technical in nature, it should be noted that specialized translators pay close attention to three unique aspects when translating medical and healthcare materials: textual (content-wise), communicative (what it says to the patient) and cognitive (how the member understands it). Its importance cannot be overstated; otherwise, a patient’s notification to pay his monthly premium may have the unintended consequence of reminding him to pay his female cousin on a monthly basis.

Drawing from my experience as a full-time translator in the New York state healthcare insurance industry, my Transmith approach synthesizes the need for clear, direct and linguistically adequate translations with compliance to Federal and State regulations and requirements. Additionally, Transmith T&I assists with translations of medical reports of office visits, analysis results, training courses, and so on.

Translation of:

  • Summaries of Benefits
  • Healthcare benefits’ claims
  • Evidences of Coverage
  • Requests for appeals and grievances
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Pediatrics
  • Pain & Comfort (Hospice Care)
  • Surgeries & Treatment
  • Diseases and Conditions
  • Exercise & Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy & Baby Care