As one of the most solicited services for Transmith T&I, Immigration Law is a field (and an ever-changing one) where the need for accurate and reliable translation/interpreting services are needed. Both attorneys and clients trust Daniel’s expertise in assisting them bridge the linguistic and cultural gap with U.S. immigration officials.

As an example of instances where Transmith T&I has stepped up to the plate in Immigration Law matters, affirmative asylum interviews with USCIS officials comes to mind. This process involves a number of steps that culminate with an in-person asylum interview. Having Daniel on your side means that you, as an asylum seeker, will not need to worry about being understood by the interviewing officer. As an attorney, you can rest at ease knowing that Daniel’s experience and cultural sensitivity will allow your client’s petition to be heard as accurately as possible.

Other instances where Immigration Law matters can use the Transmithing approach include:

  • Deportation and removal proceedings
  • Naturalization
  • Family immigration
  • I-9 Audits
  • Work/Non-immigrant visas
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (commonly known as the “DREAM Act”)
  • Corporate/business immigration