Apple v. Samsung, and its implications for Patent Translators

It is personally interesting when the words and actions of an individual, long dead, have far-reaching implications in the present and the future, regardless of whether the individual in question is Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad, Siddhartha Gautama, or Steve Jobs. Of course, I’m not arguing that Steve Jobs belongs in the same cannon as Read More

Accepted into NYU’s Master of Science in Translation Program

  After what seemed like a grueling application process, which required hunting down transcripts from every college and institution I attended since High School, as well as writing Mission Statement essays, securing the assistance of clients and colleagues, plus another mission statement essay and a tricky Spanish-to-English test that had to be delivered within hours… Read More

The Concept of Transmithing

Translating and interpreting is not a novel concept. In fact, it’s everywhere around you. The clothes you wear, for example, were made in China, more than likely. Making those clothes required that, at some level during the whole manufacturing and delivery process, a certain set of instructions was translated (in written form) or interpreted (spoken Read More

Peaks and Valleys

Over the last few months, my transition from being an employee of Corporate America to being the Chief Transmith/CEO/Accountant/IT Director/Jack-of-All-Trades has been marked with highs and lows. Let’s start with a low point: One aspect of translating within a corporate environment was the camaraderie and social life I enjoyed with my fellow translators, whether we spoke Read More