Accepted into NYU’s Master of Science in Translation Program


After what seemed like a grueling application process, which required hunting down transcripts from every college and institution I attended since High School, as well as writing Mission Statement essays, securing the assistance of clients and colleagues, plus another mission statement essay and a tricky Spanish-to-English test that had to be delivered within hours… It is official! I am a Graduate student at New York University’s Master of Science in Translation.

One of the first things I did after confirming my acceptance was to thank every single person who made this possible. And when you consider the people who make your success possible, I am blessed to have a long list of friends, relatives, parents, colleagues and clients who have made this possible. It really takes a village to raise a… Transmith, haha!!

There’s a colleague I should thank for pointing me in the right direction: Samantha Lisk, and her article on ATA’s Savvy Newcomer magazine. Here’s 597437a link to her article, in case anyone’s interested:

More than anything, this acceptance confirms my theory that the Transmith approach is here to stay. At the very least, I know now that I’m not alone in this department: Week 1 of this new Fall Semester is well underway, and I have already exchanged emails with at least two classmates who do both interpreting and translation at a professional level.

Some of the most exciting translation-related stuff I’ve seen has to do with Finance. One of my classes touches the Finance subject in depth, and I find it fascinating to see how a single Spanish word like plazo can have an array of meanings based on context. But that’s all for another day… Oh, and I’m going to be blogging a whole lot more! A minimum of 20 blog posts are part of my grade requirement for my class on Theory and Practice of Translation.

Thank you all for making this dream come true!

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