First in the lineage of Transmiths, and the Jack of All Trades within Transmith T&I: Translator, Proofreader, Reviewer, HR Director, Marketing Director, Accounting Specialist, IT Director, Facilities Manager.



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I am a freelance translator and interpreter, specializing in the language combinations Spanish➜English, English➜Spanish, and French➜English (translations only). I reside currently in Hudson County, New Jersey (United States), but I grew up in Bogotá, Colombia. I am proud to be a dual Colombian-American citizen.

In Credentials, you will find information about my academic and professional background as a translator. I provide a list of Services I offer, as well as the Translation Tools that facilitate the translation of your documents in a professional manner.

Transmith T&I Services (originally known as Delta Sierra Translations) started in 2009 following a 4-year period of Active Duty service in the U.S. Marine Corps. My years of residence in the Far East, my travel experiences and my ad-hoc experiences as a French linguist while on Active Duty allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of global cultures and languages, and the vital role translators play in creating intercultural bridges.

My mission is to learn and understand my clients’ needs thoroughly so that I can convey their ideas in their target language, keeping close in mind the unique morphology, syntax and semantic features that distinguish each language.

Should you require a copy of my CV/Resume for your database or prior client feedback, please feel free to write me.

The Trade of Language

It is the idea that translation and interpreting are the pillars of a specialized craft, much like other well-established crafts: Blacksmith, Coppersmith, Locksmith, Tinsmith, etc.

It’s a brand-new type of trade called the Transmith.

The output of a Transmith isn’t tools or metal weapons, but through the deliberate manipulation of words, he conveys the same meaning (or the essence, whenever appropriate) from a “source” language into a “target” language; in the process, something new is created, something unique.

A Transmith uses industry-specific tools to accomplish his job. He does not operate in the void or in isolation; rather, he knows he is accountable to other professional translators, interpreters, linguists and trade associations, with whom he works to sharpen his skills. His mindset is much like that of a blacksmith forging a brand-new tool, and he stands proudly by his end product.

My driving concept behind Transmith T&I is beautifully simple but hardly original: do what you love, love what you do.